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2020 Conference Resources

Conference Resources


10/1/2020: Orientation Resources


Opening Session:

Dr. Marva Kay Jones Presentation

ODE Updates Presentation

Session Recording


Using ODE Systems for Fiscal Management & Compliance Tool and Monitoring Updates:

Using ODE Systems for Fiscal Management Presentation

21st CCLC Expenses

Compliance and Monitoring Presentation

FAQ on Equitable Services

Session Recording


Expectations for 1st Year Implementation & Introduction to COSA:

First Year Implementation Presentation

Introduction to COSA Presentation

Session Recording


Offering Learning Support at a Distance:

Example Kits

Session Recording


Fostering Resilience in Changing Times:

5 Factors that Promote Resilience

Session Recording


10/2/2020: Evaluation Resources



APR/API Presentation with Notes

Session Recording


Ohio's 21st CCLC Logic Model:

Logic Model Presentation

Note Taking Version of Logic Model Presentation

Logic Model Template

ODE Logic Model Example

Open Doors Academy Family Engagement Logic Model Example

Session Recording


The Local, State, and Federal Evaluation & Data Collection Process:

The Local Evaluation Process- FY21

Session Recording


10/2/2020: Virtual Learning with Crystal Perry:


Virtual Learning and the 21st Century Learning Environment:

Session Recording


Digital Tools that Enhance Online Engagement:

Session Recording