The COSA Team sat down to answer a few questions about themselves and their work in the out-of-school time field. In this interview, COSA's Southeast Regional Mentor Jamond Foree shares a little about himself and his passion for OST programming.


What are some fun/interesting facts about yourself?

I am bi-vocational: For years I have worked in education as well as in theater, as both a performer and a costume designer.


Why do you love out-of-school time programming?

I love OST programming because it is a unique setting to expand the world of a young person while enriching them academically.


What is special about your region?

Southern Ohio's landscape is gloriously beautiful. The terrain is layered in hills and valleys that provide the most breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset.


What do you love about your role with COSA?

What ​I love most is that our team has the unique opportunity to provide quality professional development that builds capacity, enhances understanding, and ensures quality in OST settings.