The COSA Team sat down to answer a few questions about themselves and their work in the out-of-school time field. In this interview, COSA's Central Regional Mentor Sheila James shares a little about herself and her passion for OST programming.


What are some fun/interesting facts about yourself?

I love and collect Pez candy dispensers, and I have over 400 of them.


Why do you love out-of-school time programming?

I love OST programming because of all the opportunities for the students to discover things that they are passionate about, like dancing, the arts, music, and exercise.


What is special about your region?

My region is special because, naturally, they are the best!


What do you love about your role with COSA?

I love the opportunity to interact with all the grantees, getting to know each of the programs, and watching the interaction and engagement with students. Most of all I love watching the difference OST programming makes in their lives.