The COSA Team sat down to answer a few questions about themselves and their work in the out-of-school time field. In this interview, COSA's Northwest Regional Mentor Theresa Barnett shares a little about herself and her passion for OST programming.


What are some fun/interesting facts about yourself?

I am a beekeeper, and I currently am caring for 23 hives.


Why do you love out-of-school time programming?

I love the positive impact that it can make on a child and on their family!


What is special about your region?

  1. Wapakoneta is Neal Armstrong’s hometown.
  2. Kelleys Island has the world’s largest easily accessible glacial grooves.


What do you love about your role with COSA?

It allows me to visit a myriad of different OST programs, which empowers me to see, experience, and share all of the diversity from each program.