Kids today spend about 20% of waking hours in the classroom learning.

For many of those kids, they need additional help to succeed in the classroom and in life. Whether it’s extra help with reading, positive reinforcement in math, or project-based learning that supports positive social-emotional development, some kids just need more than the traditional school day can provide.

That’s where afterschool and other out-of-school time (OST) programs add value to kids’ lives. OST programs can leverage the other 80% of their time so that they are safe, they are engaged, they are having fun, and they are learning the entire time.

The Center for Out-of-School Advancement (COSA) is here to help those OST programs. COSA provides Ohio’s OST community with the resources, coaching, and professional development they need to deliver high-quality programming to kids who need more than the traditional school day can deliver on its own.

At COSA, we believe that education is the key to children’s success – especially for those children born into poverty and other challenging circumstances.

By increasing the delivery of high-quality OST programming to kids, COSA is here to help all kids succeed in and out of the classroom.